Cat Grooming & Pampering

A veterinarian oversees your cat’s grooming for safety and comfort. Treat kitty to soft-paw nail application, bath treatment or gentle mat removal too.

We offer quality grooming for cats of Madison in a feline-friendly environment.  To be eligible for our grooming, cats must have an exam by one of our doctors within the past 12 months.  To assure highest level of safety for our patients, all grooming is overseen by a veterinarian.

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Other Services offered by the Cat Care Clinic

At Cat Care Clinic, we aim to minimize the number of vaccinations given to our patients, but do believe in the importance of core vaccines for all cats.

We advise first time cat parents on litter box, mealtime and sleep habits. We’ll physically exam your kitten and administer the most important vaccinations.

Schedule your new cat or kitten’s first physical exam. Make sure everything checks out and treat any hidden troubles before symptoms start.

Acupuncture modulates pain and stimulates your cat's immune system. Cats with chronic chronic pain and disease benefit most from this treatment.

We can accommodate more than one cat in an exam room. If your cat has a buddy, bring them along for comfort, or schedule both cats in one exam.

Not all clinics are equipped to diagnose or complications specific to cats. Get a second opinion if you're not sure what to do next for your sick kitty.


The staff genuinely cares about the well being of the animals they serve and are willing to take the extra mile to ensure your cat is safe and comfortable.

Madison East Side

Cat Care Clinic - East

1006 E. Washington Ave.

Madison, WI 53703

Directions to East Clinic

Madison West Side

Cat Care Clinic - West

322 Junction Rd.

Madison, WI 53717

Directions to West Clinic
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