Madison Cat Vet for Cat People

The cat-only vet for Madison cat people.

Madison’s downtown and West side Cat Care Clinics tailor to cats and their cat people. We take care to give each cat the most enjoyable doctor visit possible. Improve kitty's health and habits at home too with our science-backed behavioral support.

Cat Care Clinic New East Side Location

New Cat Care Clinic Eastside Location Open

The Cat Care Clinic expands to serve East Madison cats and cat people.

After 31 years serving Madison's West side cat community, the Cat Care Clinic opens a second clinic in the Lyric building on East Washington Avenue near the Capitol.

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How much do you know about cats?

Clean, natural litter is best.

What’s the best cat litter?


Let’s talk!

What should I feed my cat?


A well cared for cat lives an average of 16-17 years.

How long do cats live?


They just knead to do it.

Why do cats make bread?


Because cats are brilliant.

Why is my cat obsessed with eating grass?



What is a group of cats called?


So much, they are magical.

What are whiskers for?


Why not? Wouldn't you purr?

Why do cats purr?


Madison East Side

Cat Care Clinic - East

1006 E. Washington Ave.

Madison, WI 53703

Directions to East Clinic

Madison West Side

Cat Care Clinic - West

322 Junction Rd.

Madison, WI 53717

Directions to West Clinic
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