Certified Veterinary Technician

Jenny is class of graduate from Globe University, who joined the Cat Care Clinic team two years ago, and has been loved by staff, clients, and cats alike ever since. Jenny is meticulous in her technical skills, and is also passionate about interacting with cats and their people. She is happy to share tips and suggestions on cat weight loss, urinary disease management, and many other common topics.

Jenny grew up in Frankfort IL, and moved to Wisconsin in 1993. She has been living in Madison for the past 2 years with her 5-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, and she loves it here in the Capitol city. Jenny has three pampered rescue cats of her own whom she loves. Mama Cat, a wise gray tabby, Lucy, the frisky tortie, and Harley, a loveable orange boy have all become beloved members of the family over the years.  Jenny also shares her home with a mischievous ferret named Trixie.

Outside of work, Jenny enjoys local museums and events, exploring the culinary scene, watching movies, visiting with friends and family, and relaxing at home with a good book.

“The best part about having cats is the unconditional love they bring into your life. There’s never a dull moment around my home!  And I love seeing the dedication and love that our clients have for their cats.”