Dr. Ilona Rodan

Dr. Ilona Rodan

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Washington State University-DVM

Diplomat American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Feline Practice 1995 and 2005

Dr. Ilona Rodan grew up in Seattle, Washington in a family of animal lovers.  Her family often was “adopted” by stray cats, dogs, squirrels, and birds whom she and her mother often successfully rehabilitated, and then released to the outdoors once healed.  She was occasionally scolded for bringing home a snake or spiders, but overall “The Rodan Zoo” was a great place to grow up.

Eventually, Dr. Rodan obtained her BS degree from the University of Washington and then veterinary school at Washington State University.  When she took her first position in California, she was one of the first female veterinarians in the area.  She eventually came to Madison to work at a companion animal hospital and six years later (1987) started the Cat Care Clinic at it’s original location on Whitney Way.

Dr. Rodan has been very active in the American Association of Feline Practitioners during her career, and was among the first 15 board certified feline practitioners in the country.  In 1997, she received the American Animal Hospital Association’s Friskie’s Award for accomplishments in feline medicine.  In 2005, she was awarded one of the mosts prestigious awards, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Welfare Award.  She continues to lecture on understanding feline behavior and prevention and treatment of behavioral problems at home.

Dr. Rodan currently has two Devon Rex cats. Darwin is 8 years old and loves paying with his Cat Catcher every night! Newton, only 1 ½ years old, loves mischief including pawing at bath water, sneaking outside to see his “bird friends”, and breaking into popcorn bags!  The boys love each other and are often caught snuggling and grooming.

Aside from her cats and family, Dr. Rodan loves running, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, folk dancing, and travel.

“Nothing makes me happier than helping cats to be understood and to have their medical and home needs met.  I know our patients live longer quality lives because of the care we provide.  We understand cats and what they need and deserve.  If you ask me, it is the only place I would take my cats to, and I think it is the best place for those of you who love your cats.”