We offer quality grooming for cats in a feline-friendly environment.  To be eligible for our grooming, cats must have an exam by one of our doctors within the past 12 months.  To assure highest level of safety for our patients, all grooming is overseen by a veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cat be sedated for her grooming?

Yes, using sedation appropriately for grooming a cat creates a much safer experience and allows us to do a more thorough job.  Prior to using sedative drugs, an examination is done and age appropriate screening lab work is done to assure the safest drugs are selected for your cat.  Most sedatives can be reversed, allowing your cat to wake up faster and return home.

Can you just clip the areas that get dirty and/or matted?
Of course!  We will discuss exactly what you feel your cat needs and devise a plan prior to grooming.  We have many cats that only need a “sanitary clip” to assist them in areas where they cannot groom as easily.  Others may get a full “lion cut” where hair is clipped to a soft layer near the skin, but the head, feet, and tail are kept full.  
Do you apply soft paws?

Yes, we often apply soft paws to cats if requested.  This may need to be done with mild sedation depending on the cat, however most do well without.  You may supply your own favorite color of these rubbery nail-covers, or we have a limited color selection available for purchase.