Dental Care

Veterinarians and technicians at Cat Care Clinic are highly trained in feline dentistry because we know how importance good oral and dental health is to the overall health of your cat. Prevention of diseases associated with poor oral hygiene (such as heart, kidney, liver disease and more) is accomplished by frequent removal of dental plaque and tartar that forms when teeth are not kept clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my cat need to be asleep for a dental cleaning?

Your cat does need to be anesthetized for a proper dental exam and cleaning to be done.  Of course we all love our cats and are nervous about this, however when it comes to pet dental health, the risks of periodontal disease and oral health problems due to lack of proper dental care far outweigh the risk of anesthesia.  

Why should my cat have dental care at Cat Care Clinic?
At CCC, we are highly trained specifically in feline dentistry.  As an AAHA hospital, we strive for excellence in our anesthetic protocols, technical skills, and surgical skills.
Diligent anesthetic monitoring by a certified veterinary technician is done from beginning of the procedure through the time your cat is fully awake. Detailed, specific monitoring including EKG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart and respiratory rates, and body temperature is done. Cleaning, probing, and charting of your cat’s oral cavity is done with state-of-the-art equipment by a certified veterinary technician.  Small digital x-rays are taken just as in a human dentist office to screen for the 80% of dental disease that is below the gum line. If extractions or other treatment is indicated, then a veterinarian will call you and then perform necessary and agreed on procedures.
Will my cat be able to eat after a dental or if any teeth are removed?
Yes, most cats are eating well the evening after their dental procedure.  Typically we recommend moist or soft food for several days, particularly is teeth are removed and stitches are present.  Once healed, cats can eat all forms of food normally even if teeth are removed.