Who We Are

The significance of cats in our lives has shaped the philosophy by which we operate the Cat Care Clinic. Since we saw our first patient in 1987, we have promoted the bond that exists between people and their cats.  We emphasize prevention and give every client the time they deserve and answer all their questions.

Our devotion to cats drives our doctors to receive over 150 hours of continuing education every year exclusively in feline medicine, dentistry, surgery, and behavior. Our medical knowledge is complimented by our genuine compassion for each cat and the people who care for them. Our clients frequently tell us that our knowledge and caring has increased their cat’s lifespan by years.

Our accreditation by AAHA, the American Animal Hospital Association, signifies that we uphold a promise to our clients, our staff, and ourselves that we will always work to maintain the highest level of excellence in veterinary practice. Even though compliance with AAHA standards is strictly a voluntary process, we could not imagine running Cat Care Clinic any other way. To become and remain AAHA accredited, we must meet a set of 900 strict standards, which cover every aspect of running a veterinary hospital, every policy we have implemented, and every procedure we perform. These standards were developed to act as a benchmark to measure excellence in veterinary medicine. Only 13-15% of all veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada are currently AAHA accredited. Yes, we are proud!

We are also proud to be certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners at the Gold Status. This certification reflects our consideration of the unique needs that cats have, the care we take in handling our feline patients, the attitude and knowledge of our staff, and the comfort and concern we show for cats and their people.

Cat Care Clinic makes a considerable investment in educating our clients, ourselves, and others in the community about the special needs of cats, because we believe knowledge is key to understanding. We know that people take care of cats, and cats return our love, which improves our physical and mental well-being. We would be honored to work with you and your feline companion.

Meet Our Passionate Staff

What our clients say

From my earliest practice days in Madison (1988), Cat Care Clinic has always been a leader in feline medicine.  Cats and their people are special, and deserve the dedicated cat environment you will find at Cat Care Clinic.  Dr. Ilona Rodan started the only cat specific practice in the region, and now is nationally recognized and consulted for her efforts.  I have enjoyed working for her and the dedicated Cat Care staff.  She has recently handed the torch to Dr. Kat Luther, so perfectly named for the role!  I have known and respected Kat for her entire career, including her time working with me providing emergency and critical care.  Your kitties will benefit from the experience, expertise and feline friendly environment found at Cat Care Clinic.

Mark Koeppl, DVM

Former Medical Director of Emergency Clinic/Exceptional Care for Animals

I came to Cat Care Clinic  because I liked the idea of a veterinary practice that focused only on cats.  That seemed to ensure not only greater expertise among the staff, but a better environment for the cats. I found both to be true when I brought my two cats in.  The staff is tender with the kitties and really seems to enjoy the different “personalities” that walk (well, are carried) through the door.  I also appreciate very much that Dr. Luther lays out the diagnosis and the range of possible treatment options rather than pushing for a preordained outcome. Sometimes these decisions are not simple and you really need someone who is advocating for the best interests of the animal (and the guardian!). And the charges have become far more reasonable than they were five years ago.  I feel as if the clinic is much more stable now.

Cat Care Clinic is different because of their feline-only focus and the kindness with which they treat cat and guardian.  They promote prevention but not to the extent of financial risk.  Treatment recommendations are made and Dr. Luther backs them up with evidence.  You can also expect to receive follow-up calls after a change in treatment, and that is reassuring.

CCC gave my tortie, Callie “the fighting bear cat of Regent St”, chemotherapy for leukemia and it prolonged her life (with good quality) for several months.  They treated my elderly Maine Coon for a liver problem that ultimately could not be cured but their treatment recommendations were presented step by step, with appropriate cautions.  I deeply appreciate Dr. Luther’s offer to come to the house when the time came.  My current two kittens have received good preventive care and very kind treatment. Cat Care Clinic is a distinctive resource in town!


Lisa Brunette

Busy mother of twins Oreo and Billy

I cannot rave enough about the Cat Care Clinic. My cat and I moved to Madison a few months ago, and unfortunately my cat’s health went downhill very suddenly after the move. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Bunger were wonderful vets to my cat. During her visits they would give her catnip pillow toys (which she absolutely loved!) and spent time playing with her and getting to know her before each exam. I had never seen my cat so comfortable at a veterinary clinic before. Additionally, after every visit they would both call and e-mail to check on how she was doing. I felt like they genuinely cared, which I think is really rare (other vets in the past couldn’t even remember her name). Ultimately, I had to make a tough choice to put her down and during this time Dr. Bunger was really honest with me and helped me weigh the options to determine what would be the best decision for my cat. The entire clinic was so caring and gave me beautiful cards with thoughtful handwritten comments. The Cat Care Clinic may be a little more expensive than your average veterinary clinic, but I truly believe it’s 100% worth the cost (especially for an older cat or a cat with special needs). I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet the doctors and staff and that I knew my cat was in the very best hands at the end of her life. If I adopt another cat during my time in Madison, I will most definitely return to this clinic.

Stephanie C.

Wonderful mother of dearly missed kitty Lois

Brothers Uncle Buns and Fuego Have been going to the Cat Care Clinic for years. They’ve always received nothing but the most thoughtful and attentive care. The staff works with you to figure out the best, most reasonable course of treatment for any issue.  It is very comforting to to know that the entire staff truly understands these strange and wonderful beings. 


Kathleen Wessels

Loving mother of brothers Uncle Buns and Fuego

We felt that the Cat Care Clinic was different than other clinics in that immediately you are taken to a private room instead of waiting in the waiting area which can cause more anxiety for the pets. We liked the attention and devotion Teddy was given through his difficult situation and surgery. Once we found out what was wrong with Teddy we knew he needed to have surgery right away and the clinic was willing to stay after hours and work him into the schedule. The Cat Care Clinic helped Teddy by discussing our options of going through with surgery once we knew he had an object in his intestines. Dr. Kat gave us all the facts of what could possibly be going on in his intestines, and that it was likely something he swallowed. After the surgery, we noticed an immediate turnaround in Teddy’s personality.  

This all came at a bad time since we were about to head out on vacation. The Cat Care Clinic told us about the boarding that was offered at their clinic which we thought would be the best route. The staff was always willing to give us updates on Teddy along the way which gave us peace of mind. We are so thankful that Dr. Kat and the staff at the Cat Care Clinic took such good care of Teddy Bear and that our little boy is back to his normal self.

I would definitely suggest the Cat Care Clinic to family and friends. The staff genuinely cares about the well being of the animals they serve and are willing to take the extra mile to ensure your cat is safe and comfortable.


Josh and Raven Crum

Awesome parents of Teddy Bear

Everyone at the CCC is extremely friendly, very caring, and gentle. You can tell that everyone is passionate about what they do and show a genuine concern and understanding for not only what our precious fur babies are going through, but also what we as “parents” are/have been going through. I will definitely send friends your way to get care for their babies.

Tina Dowling

Proud mother of Arianna, Jade, and Rocco

The vet at the clinic we used before was leaving and we didn’t like the waiting room mix of dogs and cats (unless we brought our pet cougar along for a dog meal). A neighbor recommended the Cat Care Clinic and we interviewed a staff member there. Despite having to deal with technician Tamara [joking!], we gave the clinic a try and have been there ever since. Besides being an all-cat practice (no iguanas or hedgehogs), the focus on cats assures a deeper knowledge, experience and appreciation of cats. The staff is cordial, professional and with a good sense of humor. ( important in all our relationships) Some of the staff provide fodder and targets for the observations without being (noticeably) offended. One of the vet’s name is Kat, obviously given by prescient parents! Such dedication or is it predestination?

The clinic’s support of the Dane County Humane Society is also a reason why we go.  Also cat food, boarding, most tests are offered on-site. Further detailed analytical and timely feedback both during and after the visit, plus one can call with questions (no lawyer time clock). Making appointments are easy with choices of dates/times.  

One of our best cats, out of 20, had a prolonged, difficult illness with hard to diagnose symptoms. Dr. Rodan worked diligently and patiently with him (even a home visit) to attend to the deteriorating illness. The eventual euthanasia was also performed sympathetically at our home. (We no longer have it done at the vet’s; too hard on both the cat and us).


Bob and Rhonda Bartholomew

Fun parents of three lucky cats: Stretch, Hoover, and MeeToo

I wish I brought Zoe Cat Fabulous to you guys in the first place. Thank you for going above and beyond. You were the first out of three vets we took Zoe to that cared enough to do an actual biopsy of the mass growing on her left side. Though, now the cancer has advanced to the point where I may have to let her go, I now know where I will be bringing my future furry besties from here on out. Thank you for the time you’ve spent caring for Zoe. She will always be Ms. Fabulous.

Sara Bellum

Kind mother to Zoe Cat Fabulous

Flik Flak was originally a patient at Cat Care Clinic when it was located on Whitney Way near University. Ditto his sister Fanny.  I chose this clinic and Dr. Rodan because it was dedicated to cats only and she was super expert (and super nice too).  I brought him back to Cat Care Clinic after he became very ill and I felt only someone with Dr. Rodan’s knowledge, experience, dedication and concern would be able to save him.  And she did!

Cat Care Clinic is dedicated to cats only, thus would be expected to have more expertise in treating cats versus all animals.  Smart, knowledgeable doctors and excellent vet techs who care about your cat family member. 

Flik Flak is the poster cat for being very sick, other vets not being able to get him under control and Dr. Rodan rescuing him (along with the vet who did the thyroid ablation and Dr. Kat).  If you see him now you would never know how scrawny, sick and depressed he was just a few months ago.  Because of the excellent care he received at Cat Care Clinic I think he will be a part of our family for a few more years, which didn’t seem likely just a few months ago.


Beverly Kienitz, MD

Conscientious mother of Norwegian Forest cats Flik Flak and Fantasia