Feline Friendly Acupuncture

The Cat Care Clinic is proud to introduce another way to help your beloved fuzzy companion – acupuncture!  Often thought of as an adjunctive treatment to human disease and injury, veterinary acupuncture is a flourishing field.  Our very own Dr. Anna Kelton has completed her certification in veterinary medical acupuncture through CuraCore, an organization that prides itself on research-based, evidence-driven methods, and she is accepting new and existing patients.

There are a lot of reasons to consider medical acupuncture for your kitty.  Not only is it a safe approach to use, but it can help with many different diseases and injuries.  Pain management is probably the best known focus of acupuncture, but GI disease, dental pain, urinary tract disease, post-surgical management, neurologic disease, and endocrine disease are a handful of other processes for which acupuncture may be helpful.

Acupuncture works by directly stimulating nervous system cells (neurons) and related structures to help modulate pain, open up local vessels to facilitate natural immune system processes, and help your cat feel better, and stay feeling better.  Because neurons are the building blocks of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), peripheral nervous system (the branches of the spinal cord), and autonomic nervous system (fight or flight response), an acupuncture needle in one spot can have broader-ranging effects across a cat’s body, not just at that one spot.

What to expect during an acupuncture appointment:

Depending on what’s going on with your cat, the appointment will take between a half hour to an hour.  The setting and structure/flow of the appointment will be very familiar to what you already know and love about the CCC – we’ll take a history, do a physical exam with an emphasis on the myofascial features of your cat, discuss what other diagnostics might be helpful, and a general treatment approach, including acupuncture.  Just like in our normal appointments, we’ll move at your cat’s pace and work in your cat’s desired location. You’ll be with your baby the whole time. Some cats may allow a higher number of needles than others, and for them to stay in longer than others, and that is completely fine. Even if a few number of needles for a short period of time are in, we are still likely going to see positive effects!  Most conditions will benefit from a series of treatment, but every cat is unique.

Want to hear more?

Stay tuned for more detailed blogs written by Dr.Kelton about how acupuncture can help with specific disease processes.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in acupuncture for your kitty, please call 608-833-9750 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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