This Post is for Scratching:

Natural, drug-free and surgery-free methods of reducing unwanted scratching behavior in cats are preferred. Cats love to scratch! It’s only natural. Many live for it. It’s their method of leaving “territory messages”. Scratch marks provide a visual message and the pheromones left along the scratch areas leave a natural message that warns other cats to back off! Our goal is to direct their scratching to appropriate areas at home.


Some options to reduce unwanted scratching inside your home include:

*Regular nail trimming

*Positive reinforcement (praise, treats, feeding, brushing) when cats are scratching on scratching posts or other designated scratching areas

*Plenty of exercise and environmental stimulation

AND, We’re now excited about a new product released by the makers of the natural cat pheromone product, Feliway.



=^..^=  FELISCRATCH  =^..^=


Feliscratch provides a “natural” message to cats via its territory pheromones. It is clinically proven to reduce unwanted scratching and redirect to scratching posts. It works!


We cannot smell these pheromones that cats release, only they can. And they are powerful.

Feliscratch is purchased in a kit with nine pipettes full of the solution. A sisal scratching post is recommended to use with the product.


One pipette is applied in three lines to the scratching post daily for one week. Once the product dries in about five minutes, the scratching post should be put in an area where your cat scratches or sleeps. After the first week of daily application, it gets applied once at the beginning of the 3rd and 4th week. Problem solved, or the company will refund your purchase.


More questions about Feliscratch? Send us a message or give us a call.

Interested in purchasing? Stop by Cat Care Clinic OR you can order Feliscratch (free expedited shipping) on our Cat Care Clinic Online Store by clicking here.

Happy cats = Healthy cats



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