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To Your Door: Vet House Calls for Cats in Madison

In October 2019, To Your Door Madison Veterinary Health and Wellness service and staff joined businesses with Cat Care Clinic. Together we continue the Cat Care Clinic’s mission to provide the very best care to cats and their people.

To Your Door Madison House Call Vet

If you are new to Cat Care Clinic and To Your Door Madison, please call us to discuss whether your cat is in need of a home visit or an in-clinic appointment.

We would love to see your cat in the clinic where we have advanced equipment and staff to support your cat’s needs in a calm environment.

Bad Vet Experience? The Cat Care Clinic can help with a fresh start.

Even if your cat has had a negative experience at other veterinary clinics, the odds are they will surprise you at how well they do in the Cat Care Clinic. Our vets are feline experts and our entire clinic is designed for the best cat experience possible. Call (608) 833-9750 to talk through options and tips to get your cat to us as peacefully as possible.

If you prefer to utilize our To Your Door Cat Care Service, we are happy to arrange for one of our cat-focused doctors and staff to visit your home for your cat’s appointment. We all enjoy getting to know our patients at home. Seeing their environment helps us personalize their care even more.

To Your Door Madison is a Great Alternative Option for:

  • Cat Parents who put off going to the vet as regularly as they should or would like to because they experience anxiety about taking their cat to the vet.
  • Cat Parents who are unable to personally leave their home with their cat.
  • Cats who experience severe stress in the car or clinic, but remain calm and content in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

How to Schedule a To Your Door Appointment with the Cat Care Clinic

You can schedule a To Your Door mobile veterinary service appointment by calling the Cat Care Clinic (608) 833-9750 or by completing the form below. Simply select the checkbox that says “My Cat Requires a Home Visit” when you schedule.

More About the Cat Care Clinic & To Your Door Business Merge

Dr. Bryant and her skilled veterinary technician, Chelsea, have joined forces with our doctors and staff to provide exceptional Cat Care—To Your Door.

The transition with Dr. Karen Bryant, founder of To Your Door Madison Veterinary Health and Wellness and Dr. Katarina Luther, owner and medical director of Cat Care Clinic, is an exciting collaboration of two dedicated women business owners, veterinarians, philanthropists, and both graduates in the same class from the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine. They continue to work side-by-side and assure the best staff and care will be given to your cats, whether at home or in the clinic.

Read Dr. Bryant’s Letter Explaining the Transition to her Customers

Read Dr. Kat’s Letter Welcoming To Your Door Customers to the Cat Care Clinic

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Other Services offered by the Cat Care Clinic

At Cat Care Clinic, we aim to minimize the number of vaccinations given to our patients, but do believe in the importance of core vaccines for all cats.

We advise first time cat parents on litter box, mealtime and sleep habits. We’ll physically exam your kitten and administer the most important vaccinations.

Schedule your new cat or kitten’s first physical exam. Make sure everything checks out and treat any hidden troubles before symptoms start.

Acupuncture modulates pain and stimulates your cat's immune system. Cats with chronic chronic pain and disease benefit most from this treatment.

We can accommodate more than one cat in an exam room. If your cat has a buddy, bring them along for comfort, or schedule both cats in one exam.

Not all clinics are equipped to diagnose or complications specific to cats. Get a second opinion if you're not sure what to do next for your sick kitty.


From my earliest practice days in Madison (1988), Cat Care Clinic has always been a leader in feline medicine.  Cats […]

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