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The Cat Care Clinic is happy to announce we are expanding our mobile veterinary service to provide another option for cats and cat parents in need of remote cat care. The local folks at Madison’s To Your Door Veterinary Health and Wellness have joined the Cat Care Clinic and will now be exclusively dedicated to cats.

Dr. Bryant has always loved dogs, but has had an extra special place in her heart for cats. In the many years of To Your Door’s service to pet owners, dogs had been a smaller percentage of her patients. (generally it’s much easier to get a dog to “jump in the car” or “go on a trip!” so house calls are not as in demand). When opportunity came for Dr. Bryant to transition with Cat Care Clinic for the remainder of her veterinary career and for the future of To Your Door, the decision to focus solely on giving exceptional care to cats was easy. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but To Your Door will no longer be providing veterinary care for our dog friends.

Read Dr. Bryant’s Letter Explaining the Transition to her Customers

Read Dr. Kat’s Letter Welcoming To Your Door Customers to the Cat Care Clinic

Dr. Karen Bryant and Chelsea, Certified Veterinary Technician are now Cat Care Clinic “Catvocats!”

Dr. Karen Bryant, DVM and Chelsea Brodsky, CVT

Dr. Bryant and her skilled veterinary technician, Chelsea, have joined forces with our doctors and staff to provide exceptional Cat Care.To Your Door is now a mobile extension of the Cat Care Clinic

The transition with Dr. Karen Bryant, founder of To Your Door Veterinary Health and Wellness and Dr. Katarina Luther, owner and medical director of Cat Care Clinic, is an exciting collaboration of two dedicated women business owners, veterinarians, philanthropists, and both graduates in the same class from the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine. They continue to work side-by-side and assure the best staff and care will be given to your cats, whether at home or in the clinic.

Madison’s To Your Door mobile veterinary service now even better serves cats and their parents.

By expanding this local house call service, cat parents not only get To Your Door care. Cat parents can take advantage of the benefits of being part of the Cat Care Clinic:

  • Call our front desk staff Monday through Friday 7am-6pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm with questions, updates, or to say “meow”.
  • Stop by our east side or west side locations for medication or food pick-ups, sample drop-offs, or to show us your latest cat pictures during the same hours (note: East side clinic has Saturday reception hours only 8am-12pm and is fully closed Wednesdays)
  • Saturday appointments 9am-4pm (west clinic only) available for urgent needs, in a feline-only calming environment
  • Fully equipped state-of-the-art feline-specific hospital to meet all of your cats’ needs including advanced surgeries (urinary tract, gastrointestinal, ocular, orthopedic, and more), precise ultrasonography and radiology, dental procedures, boarding, and grooming all with staff familiar to you and your cat. No stress of the smell, sight, or sound of dogs helps everyone be more relaxed.
  • Six feline specialized doctors and an incredible support staff of catvocats beside them are ready to help you with any need that arises with your feline friend. We get it. Your beloved feline friend is not “just a cat”.
Gray cat who looks sad

Bad Vet Experience? The Cat Care Clinic can help with a fresh start.

If you would like, our feline experts are happy to talk through your vet visit concerns to see how we can accommodate your cat’s needs and facilitate a pleasant, feline friendly visit.

We would love to see your cat in the clinic where we have advanced equipment and staff to support your cat’s needs in a calm environment.

Even if your cat has had a negative experience at other veterinary clinics, the odds are they will surprise you at how well they do in the Cat Care Clinic. We have feline behavioral experts who can help you understand your cat’s needs. Our clinic and equipment are designed for the best cat experience possible. Call (608) 833-9750 to discuss options and to get tips for getting your cat to us as peacefully as possible.

If you prefer to utilize our To Your Door Cat Care Service, we are happy to arrange for Dr. Bryant or one of our other cat-focused doctors and staff to visit your home for your cat’s appointment. We all enjoy getting to know our patients at home. Seeing their environment helps us personalize their care even more.

How to Schedule a To Your Door Appointment with the Cat Care Clinic

You can schedule a To Your Door mobile veterinary service appointment by calling the Cat Care Clinic (608) 833-9750 or right through the Cat Care Clinic website using the Schedule An Appointment button at the top of the website. Simply select the checkbox that says “My Cat Requires a Home Visit” when you schedule.

Dr. Bryant, Chelsea, and the rest of the Cat Care Clinic team will look forward to continuing to help care for your cats!

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