Hospital Maintenance

Evan brings a love for animals of all types and a passion for helping his fellow animal lovers to the Cat Care Clinic.  You will immediately recognize Evan by his warm personality and good-natured humor.  He is a Wisconsin native, and grew up in Evansville.

Evan has many cherished childhood memories of his cat Tiger.  When a cat showed up at Evan’s house, sneaking over from the neighboring farm, Evan and his brother were overjoyed!  They were so excited about the furry wanderer that they cried once realizing they would have to return him to his owner.  Their neighbor took pity and gifted them with the wandering cat’s sibling, Tiger!  For 15 years she was a distinguished member of the family.  Currently, Evan has ten pets at home.  Evan’s interest in the rich mythologies and religions of different cultures has provided his pets with very unique and special names.  He has three biblical named fire belly newts, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; two rats, Cybele, named after an Anatolian goddess, and Semele, named after a character from Greek mythology; two ferrets, Sparkles and Razor; a dog named Wendigo, after a creature from North American mythos; and finally two cats, Freyja, named after a Norse goddess, and Fenja, named after a Norse giantess.  With such a full house of brilliantly named animal friends, Evan is kept very busy!

He holds a degree in Digital Art and Design and loves drawing, practicing photography, and creating digital art.  In addition to artistic pursuits, Evan is an avid skater and musician, and has recently taken up snowboarding.

What are Evan’s words of wisdom? “Belly rubs are a trap, don’t fall for it!”