Cat Care Clinic | For Veterinarians

Our commitment to referring veterinarians
At the Cat Care Clinic, we are committed to partnering with you and providing an extension of your services in feline internal medicine and behavior. We are dedicated to serving your clients and ensuring the relationship they have with you not only remains strong, but becomes even stronger.

We provide the following services to further support your feline patients:
Our commitment to you for these services
  • Limit services to the problem for which the cat is referred to maintain your client relationship despite difficulty of the case.  Additional services will be provided at your request.  If other services are in the best interest of the patient, we will contact you.  
  • Cats will be sent back for routine care and follow-up care.
  • Respectfully address your care and medical records, and return clients to you for all other care.
  • Provide you with timely updates so that you are kept abreast of the care provided and outcome.
  • All medical records and care plans that we have developed for the patient will be sent back to you to complete your medical record for the patient.  This will include the diagnoses or tentative diagnoses, as well as the treatment plan.
  • Emphasize the importance of your role, and make recommendations for when the patient should return to you for follow-up.
  • Provide you with marketing materials if desired to enhance your practice capabilities through referral for feline specialty and cat behavior consultations. 
  • We welcome your calls and e-mails with follow-up reports or questions.