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Cat Care Clinic: The only 2 board-certified feline specialists in the state of Wisconsin.

Cat Care Clinic | Cat Resources

We have provided the following links to other websites because we know that 69% of cat people like to search the internet for cat information.  We want you to be confident that the links you go to have credible information in veterinary medicine and cats in general.  Have fun getting an education about cats and cat healthcare, but please know that no information is a replacement for individualized veterinary care for your cat.  

Favorite Links

Indoor Cat Initiative

A great web site  for every cat lover – this is not just for indoor cats, but how to understand your cat’s needs, and  help with your cat’s enjoyment and well-being.

Pet Safety Around the Home

Contains many suggestions that can help improve the safety of your home for your animal companions.

Cornell Feline Health Center
Great videos on “How To’s”, plus a thorough section on Health Information.

Feline Advisory Bureau

A fantastic site, with information on how to have a cat-friendly home and playtime with your cat.  The only thing is that the site is developed for the European cat in mind, where it’s more likely to let cats outdoors.

Cat Fancier’s Association
Great purebred cat info and fun things for kids to do

Favorite Links for Specific Problems
Companion Animal Parasite Council:
     Parasite prevention protects both cats and people
     Cats get heartworms too and they can be prevented
Chronic Kidney disease: Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center
Most cats will develop kidney disease.  With love and good care, the majority of them can live for several years (we’ve seen up to 8 years at the Cat Care Clinic).  This site is designed by 2 amazing cat owners, and is great for people who have just found out that their cat has kidney disease, and those wanting moral support or more information about kidney disease.

Diabetes in cats

Asthma:  Feline Asthma with Fritz the Brave

CATalyst Council

Pet Loss Support
Please click here for all the information on pet loss support.