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Should I get another cat?

First, please accept our condolences on the loss of your beloved Patches. The members of the Cat Care Clinic Team understand only too well about losses of so many cats we have loved – those that we have cared for and our own personal losses.

We hope that you have family or friends who understand your loss and can comfort you at this time. Unfortunately, we have had many clients tell us that we are the only ones who understand. That everyone else says, “It’s just a cat. Get over it.” It hurts to even think about it. As mad and upset as I get about those comments, I have decided that those people are the ones that have the biggest loss – they don’t understand that deep, loving connection between a beloved pet and their people.

That’s why the section on “Pet Loss” is provided - to help each and every cat lover (and other pet owners) through the grief and loss. Please see Pet Loss Support.

In answer to your question about adopting another cat, there is no right or wrong time. Each person is different, and some people get another kitty the next day, some wait up to 5 years, or decide they can’t get another kitty. Most importantly, please recognize that this kitty will not replace Patches. Comparing the 2 can be the most upsetting experience, as I personally have learned. If your heart is open to new antics and ways of loving another kitty, regardless of his or her disposition, then you are ready for another cat.

And when you are ready, the need is great. There are so many cats in need of good homes.

Think about what kind of cat you want. A kitten can be lots of fun, but is a big change from a senior kitty. Please stop by the clinic for more information on pet adoption. Look for a kitten or cat that is affectionate with people, and that appears healthy. It is important to take the adopted cat for a physical exam and other testing as soon as you adopt the cat – even before taking him or her home.

If you would like extensive advice on adopting a new cat, regardless of state you reside in, you can also call to schedule a phone consultation with cat behaviorist, Dr. Ilona Rodan.

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Dane County Friends of Ferals

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