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Cat Care Clinic: The only 2 board-certified feline specialists in the state of Wisconsin.

Cat Care Clinic | FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ section. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions we hear as feline practitioners.

What can I do if there is an emergency where my pet and I are separated?
Since 911, Katrina, and other weather-related emergencies, I am worried about what to do if I am separated from my cat. Can I prepare just in case something happens?

My cat has stopped using the litter box for urine. What can I do?
I am so upset. My cat has stopped using the litter box for urine, and urinates in the living room instead. My husband wants me to give him away, but I adore him! What can I do?

What can I do to prevent Cancer?
I love my little cat, Georgia, so much. I know cats can get cancer, and I want to make sure that Georgia doesn’t get it too. What can I do to prevent it?

Should I get another cat?
I just lost my dear 19-year old kitty, Patches. Should I get another cat?

My cat is Indoors only. Why do they need medicine to prevent worms and fleas?

 What does an indoor cat really need protection from?

What should I do if my cat wants to go outdoors?
My cat wants to go outdoors, but I am scared something bad will happen to him. Can you help?

What if I am allergic to my cat?
I am allergic to cats. Do I need to give away Tigger?

How do I schedule a behavior consultation?
How do I schedule a behavior consultation?

Cats get Heartworm Too! by Dr. Tom Nelson

Many people are still not aware that cats can get heartworms. In fact, less than 5 percent of cat owners use a heartworm preventive on their pets compared with 50 percent of dog owners. Do we love our dogs more than we love our cats? I don’t believe we do. I think cat owners just need to learn about the risk these parasites pose to their pets, and so I’d like to share my top five myths about feline heartworm disease.