Medical Case Stories

…and Nothing but the Tooth.

The story of Arthur is yet another example of the importance of dental care in our feline friends of all ages. Arthur is a confident orange tabby senior gentleman who we’ve been lucky to know for many years. His parents enjoy traveling near and far, and when they do, we have the honor of caring […]

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Mystery Solved: The Sparkle Ball

It’s not an uncommon question for a veterinarian to ask an owner “Is there anything he may have gotten into or eaten that he is not supposed to?” when a cat comes in with a sudden onset of vomiting, not eating well, and lethargy. ┬áThis especially holds true with a normally rambunctious, curious, young healthy […]

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1 little, 2 little, …7 little bladder stones!

Let’s face it, cats often have a bad rap for doing things out of spite when things in their lives aren’t quite the way they like it. We will admit that most cats definitely let their person know when they don’t approve of something! But, on the other hand, cats are very elusive especially when […]

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