Environmental Enrichment

This Post is for Scratching:

Natural, drug-free and surgery-free methods of reducing unwanted scratching behavior in cats are preferred. Cats love to scratch! It’s only natural. Many live for it. It’s their method of leaving “territory messages”. Scratch marks provide a visual message and the pheromones left along the scratch areas leave a natural message that warns other cats to […]

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Environmental Needs of Cats Part 4/4 : Play Time

As with people, chronic stress in your kitty over time leads to problems. Part 1 of this series explained how and why our domestic cats get stressed due to the “unnatural” lives they live indoors, compared to their very closely related wild cats. Often in cats, stress first shows up as unwanted behaviors (scratching, urinating out […]

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Environmental Needs of Cats Part 3/4: Smell!

The third of four posts in this series follows, to discuss top needs of our domestic (but “wild”) feline friends. Keeping cats satisfied both mentally and physically, as a cat in the jungle would be, is proven to be imperative to their long-term mental and physical health. Hence, the focus here is on helping you […]

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