Dental Care

…and Nothing but the Tooth.

The story of Arthur is yet another example of the importance of dental care in our feline friends of all ages. Arthur is a confident orange tabby senior gentleman who we’ve been lucky to know for many years. His parents enjoy traveling near and far, and when they do, we have the honor of caring […]

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The Simple Tooth about Dental Disease

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month: Tooth or False? Bad breath is normal for cats.  They’re animals…we just need to deal with it. False!  Bad breath = bacteria and bacteria = disease.  This bacteria builds up on teeth over time and causes inflammation, which in turn causes bleeding of the gums.  This is […]

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Dental Health: Never too late!

Salamann is a charming 19 year old gentleman that we had the honor of getting to know when his usual mobile veterinarian sent him to Cat Care Clinic due to concern for extensive dental disease.  Salamann’s care had been impeccable.  His hyperthyroid disease was well in-check with medication and his Stage 2 kidney disease was stable.  His […]

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