About us | Our Founder

Our Founder, Dr. Ilona Rodan
Diplomate ABVP-Feline Speciality
Behavior Consultant

Dr. Ilona Rodan’s lifelong commitment to veterinary medicine is based on her passion to always give back to companion animals, who provided her family with the unconditional love they needed. Her parents survived some of the most horrific persecutions ever, and learned to love and trust again through the unwanted cats and dogs who found their way into their homes and hearts. These were followed by injured birds, squirrels, and rabbits who stayed until healed.

Today, Dr. Rodan continues to be well trained by the two feline family members she lives with, their predecessors, and the cats she has treated over the past 31 years. They have taught her how to respectfully handle and work with cats, to understand the needs of cat’s in their home as well as their healthcare, and to ensure that they have the best quality and length of life.

In 1981, Dr. Rodan recognized that cats were the underdog, and she knew they needed a better place. After years of working to start a feline hospital, she started the Cat Care Clinic in Madison in 1987. Dr. Rodan still feels that cats need better treatment, respectful handling in a “feline-friendly” veterinary hospital, and with people who recognize that cats and their people deserve the best. When she is not practicing and teaching at the clinic, she lectures and writes about feline-friendly hospitals, cat behavior, and recognizing and treating pain in cats. And she is committed to helping cats live long, healthy and comfortable lives, which she knows will also enhance the health and quality of life of the humans who love them.

After 31 years of practice, being a leader internationally in feline medicine, president of all major feline veterinary organizations, and an ambassador to having a specialist category in feline medicine, Dr. Rodan was awarded the Animal Welfare Award by the American Veterinary Medical Association (the American Medical Association for Veterinarians) in 2005. This award is given to only one of 70,000 veterinarians annually. Dr. Rodan was recognized for her national work to enhance the welfare of cats through medical and behavioral advancements, and her contributions to community and society. Dr. Rodan’s passion and desire to help both cats and their people is unwavering. She is dedicated to provide each cat the gentle and compassionate care they need and deserve.