Cat Care Clinic | How We Differ

Drs. Rodan, Miller, Cat Care ClinicCats are the most popular pet in the United States, yet despite our love for them, they are still “second class” citizens in most veterinary hospitals.

At the Cat Care Clinic, felines are number one – we understand their medical and home care needs.  And we understand that the relationship with your cat - or cats - can be some of the most important relationships in your life.

What you may not know about Cat Care Clinic:

  • We have the first board certified feline specialist in the state of Wisconsin. How can a board certified veterinarian help my cat?
  • Our facility has been designed for cats, making the environment as comfortable and respectful as possible for them.
  • Our devotion to your cat(s) drives our doctors to attend multiple continuing education events every year
  • Our appointment times are longer so that we can address your concerns and provide you with information regarding medical and at home care
  • We understand that your cat is unique and deserves respectful handling
  • Our team believes that there are NO “bad cats,” only misunderstood cats
  • Dr. Ilona Rodan, is an internationally known feline specialist and cat behavior consultant
  • We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. “You can trust an AAHA-accredited practice team to provide the very best care for your pet!” (download slideshow)