Monthly Archives: April 2015

Experiencing a Feline Friendly Clinic

Whether it’s an awed five year old along for his cat’s routine veterinary visit, a determined pre-vet student looking for experience to put on his vet school application, or a seasoned veterinarian visiting to get more insight on how to make her own clinic more feline-friendly, I love having inquisitive, eager minds at Cat Care Clinic […]

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1 little, 2 little, …7 little bladder stones!

Let’s face it, cats often have a bad rap for doing things out of spite when things in their lives aren’t quite the way they like it. We will admit that most cats definitely let their person know when they don’t approve of something! But, on the other hand, cats are very elusive especially when […]

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Is your cat keeping you up?

No one likes to be woken every night or too early in the morning, but cats may do this either to get fed or for attention. It’s like Simon’s Cat in “cat-man-do” ! Even if a cat has never woken you, you will want to watch this one! So, you might get up to feed or pet […]

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