Monthly Archives: February 2015

Are Cats Social?

Those of us that live with and love cats know that cats are different from dogs, people, and other species. We also recognize that cats can be important family members, friends, companions, and even “the love of our life”. The cat’s social structure is sufficiently different from ours that it was once thought that cats […]

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Indoor Cats still need to visit the Vet!

A cat food ad states “We know what every indoor cat needs- a big window, sunshine, healthy skin and fur” The pretty kitty sitting in a window may give the appearance of being healthy and safe; but there are dangers to his health, even if he never goes outdoors. The person who really knows what […]

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I am allergic to cats!

Every week I have cat lovers that come in to see me that confide they are allergic to their cat. I can relate- I am allergic to cats and I have been a cat only veterinarian for 25 years! Here are some tips to keep you and your favorite kitty together while reducing the sneezing […]

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